tyler schultz


Name:                                     Tyler D. Schultz 

Education:                               B.S. Michigan State University, East Lansing

                                                College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Natural Resource Development

Emphasis in Limnology and Watershed Management 


                                    DIVING CERTIFICATIONS AND COURSES 


SSI                          Open Water Diver                                    7/84                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Equipment                                                 5/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Limited Visibility/Night                                6/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Deep Diving                                              7/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Navigation                                                 8/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Boat Diving                                                8/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Advanced Open Water                             8/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Open Water Instructor #2809                    9/85                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Century Diver / 100 Dives                        9/85                       Traverse City, MI

ARC                        Advanced First Aid                                   5/86                       Traverse City, MI

SSI                          Advanced Open Water Instructor            6/86                       Higgins Lake, MI

SSI                          Master Diver                                             7/87                       Higgins Lake, MI

PADI                        Ice Diving                                                 2/89                       Higgins Lake, MI

Hague                     Zen Diver                                                  3/89                       Bonaire, N.A.

Harris                      Advanced River                                        5/89                       Port Huron, MI

NAUI                       Search, Rescue and Recovery                7/89                       Portage, OH

NAUI                       Advanced Navigation                                8/89                       Oxford, MI

Harris                      Legal Aspects of Diving                            8/89                       Ann Arbor, MI

Harris                      The Female Diver                                   11/89                       Ann Arbor, MI

Huggins                  Dive Computer Theory                               2/90                       Ann Arbor, MI

EEI                          Emergency Medical Technician               3/90                       Westland, MI

NAUI                       Drysuit Techniques                                   4/90                       Ann Arbor, MI

Orr                          Nitrox Diver #390                                      5/90                       Dayton, OH

NAUI                       High Altitude Diving                                   9/90                       Ann Arbor, MI

NAUI                       Specialty Diver                                          9/90                       Ann Arbor, MI

Harris                      Underwater Mapping                              10/90                       Stoney Lake, MI

HVA                         EMTS – Specialist                                     2/91                       Ann Arbor, MI

HVA                         EMTP – Paramedic                                   8/91                       Ann Arbor, MI

AHA                         BLS/CPR – Instructor                               3/93                       Ann Arbor, MI

Craw                       Industrial Orientation                                 7/93                       Traverse City, MI

DRI                          Public Safety/Diver Rescue I                    9/93                       Wooster, OH

PEC                         Advanced Cardiac Life Support                5/94                       Southfield, MI

DRI                          High Risk Environments                           9/94                       Hobart, IN

DRI                          Diving Polluted Water                               9/94                       Hobart, IN

PCD                        Full Face Mask/Surface Supplied           10/94                       Higgins Lake, MI

High                         PSI Visual Inspector #5175                      4/95                       Chicago, IL

SSI                          Gold 500 Diver                                          8/95                       Milan, MI

NASE                      Master Instructor                                    12/95                       Orange Park, FL

Harris                      Hyperbaric Chamber Orientation             2/96                       Kalamazoo, MI

Harris                      DAN Oxygen Administration                     3/96                       Ann Arbor, MI

Boyd                        Writing for Diving Publications                 4/96                       Chicago, IL

LGS                         Ice Diving Rescue and Training               4/96                       Chicago, IL

Watts                      Extended Range Diving                            4/96                       Chicago, IL

DAN                        DAN Oxygen Instructor                            3/97                       Ann Arbor, MI

Kent                         Underwater Photography                         4/97                       Chicago, IL

DRI                          Public Safety/Dive Rescue II                    7/97                       Ann Arbor, MI

TDI                          Nitrox Instructor                                        5/99                       Milan, MI

SSI                          Platinum 1000 Diver                                  5/99                       Milan, MI

HVA                         NSC First Aid Instructor                           6/99                       Ann Arbor, MI

PADI                        Underwater Naturalist                               3/00                       Cairns, AU

PADI                        Underwater Photography                         3/00                       Cairns, AU

SDI                          Advanced Open Water Instructor            7/01                       Milan, MI

Barker                     DSAT Apprentice Tec                               5/03                       Milan, MI

Barker                     DSAT Deep Tec Diver                            11/04                       Milan, MI

SSI                          Master Instructor #2809                           6/05                       Milan, MI

Ward                       Kirby Morgan Technician                        01/08                       Panama City, FL

Fox                          PSI Visual Inspector Update #5175        11/08                       Las Vegas, NV

Gresham                  PSI Valve Technician                              11/08                       Las Vegas, NV

SSI                          Platinum Pro 5000 Diver                         11/10                       Fort Collins, CO

DAN                        Hazardous Marine Life Instructor           11/11                       Orlando, FL

PSI                          Oxygen Cleaning Technician                 11/11                       Orlando, FL




Michigan Adventure Diving, Milan, MI – Owner

Great Lakes Wrecking Crew Dive Club – Founder

Scuba Schools International – Master Instructor

Procom Commercial Diving Service, Milan, MI – Owner

Huron Valley Ambulance, Ann Arbor, MI – Paramedic

National Academy of Scuba Educators – Instructor

Scuba Shack Inc, Higgins Lake, MI (1985-1995) – Instructor

Michigan Underwater Preserves – Member

American Heart Association – Instructor

Divers Alert Network – Corporate Sponsor & Instructor

Center for EMS Education, Ann Arbor, MI – Instructor

National Safety Council – Instructor

Dive Rescue International – Member

Historical Diving Society – Member

Great Lakes Maritime Institute – Member

Technical Diving International – Instructor

Scuba Diving International – Instructor

International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists – Member

University of Toledo – Instructor

University of Michigan, Department of Anthropology – Diving Instructor

University of Michigan, College of Engineering – Advisor for Human Powered Sub Team

Portage Quarry, Bowling Green, OH – Coordinator / U/W Navigation Project

Wood County, OH Water Rescue – Public Safety Diver

DiveLab, Panama City, FL – Technician

University of Michigan Scientific Diver – Team & Training Coordinator

Riding Rock Inn, San Salvador, Bahamas – Diving Operations Manager / Dive Guide




Great Lakes                                            Guam                                      Dry Tortugas

Nassau / San Salvador Bahamas          Akumal / Yucatan Cenotes     Bonaire

Cayman Islands                                      Australia                                  Yap

Kosrae                                                    Ponape                                   Cozumel 

Bonne Terre Mine                                   Truk Lagoon                           Fiji / Beqa               

Florida Keys                                            Republic of Palau                    Newfoundland

Channel Islands                                      British Columbia                      Costa Rica




Beuchat Advanced Service Technician                                 PSI Cylinder Inspector

Cressi-Sub                                                                              Interspiro Full-Face Mask

TUSA                                                                                      Poseidon

ProSub Diving Equipment                                                       Sherwood

Si-Tech Drysuit Valves                                                           Kirby Morgan

PSI Valve Technician                                                              Genesis

Dive Rite                                                                                 PSI Oxygen Cleaning